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Henry Tellis is a visionary, servant, and friend. He is a man that cannot be missed easily in the community, not only due to his size and presence, but also because of his active involvement and advocacy. Throughout his college football career and the subsequent time spent with the NFL, Henry was aware that his purpose extended far beyond yard lines and first downs. His heart never left Montgomery, Alabama as he constantly sought ways to inspire young people to dream and believe. Today, he allows his life to be a story that testifies to the ability of anyone being able to overcome despite their situation.


Mr. Henry Tellis is a native of Montgomery, Alabama. He is a proud member of the Class of 2000 of Sidney Lanier High. Upon graduating, he attended Troy University as a scholarship member of the Trojan football team. Growing up in Smiley Court, Mr. Tellis knew that his gifts, talents, and education would be the keys to the vehicle that would take his place beyond what he saw on a daily basis. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work and Human Services, a Teaching Certification, and a Master’s Degree in Secondary Education. Mr. Tellis also holds Masters's Degree in Instructional Leadership. His education and experiences have provided him with the resources and tools needed to encourage young people to strive beyond what they can dream.


After playing in the NFL, Mr. Tellis returned to the River Region and founded the Henry Tellis Foundation and has created programs to equip youth with leadership skills, to provide tutoring and mentoring support, and to encourage community involvement.


Through the Young Men of Valor, a program of the Henry Tellis Foundation, he facilitates weekly group mentoring and tutoring sessions and hosts quarterly leadership camps for over 40 young men between the ages of 8 and 18 that are growing up fatherless. Mr. Tellis also takes participants on regular fishing trips and to regional sporting events. Participants in his program have seen decreased behavioral issues at home and school, increased academic achievement, and increased school attendance.


Through Camp PRIDE, another program of the Henry Tellis Foundation, he hosts an annual volleyball and football camp for over 200 youth that brings in college and NFL players and coaches. Camp PRIDE stands for “Personal Responsibility In Delivering Excellence” and focuses heavily on character-building and decision-making skills. The camp is also free for all participants.


Despite all of these things, Mr. Henry Tellis is a visionary, servant, and friend.

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