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The Henry Tellis Foundation was founded in October 2012. The founder, also the namesake of the organization, had long envisioned his role in being used to inspire change in the lives of young people through community activism.


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We have opportunities that range from helping out with special events to being a mentor. We have something available for you, join us now!

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Your contributions support our mission, enabling us to effectively implement programming and positively impact the hundreds of young men we reach everyday.

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Tellis Foundation receives the majority of our funding from private donors like you. Contact us now if you would like to become a partner!

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Our Programs

The 3rd annual Youth Male Summit in Montgomery, Alabama, will occur on June 13 at Bellingrath Middle School. This event is for boys 8-18 years of age. The vision of the Youth male summit is to engage and prepare youth boys in Montgomery to take pride in their lives and equip them with the tools to succeed in unsuccessful environments. Workshop sessions will consist of various topics. Participants will receive breakfast, lunch, T-shirts, and other takeaway items.

Our Mission

Leading Fatherless Young Men to Know Their Heavenly Father

Our Goals

The Young Men of Valor Mentoring Program strives to be a source of inspiration and hope for young men that come home every day seeking the presence of a positive male role model. All of the young men we serve are hungry for that relationship. Many of them acknowledge the hunger, while others are in denial. Regardless, we refuse to allow any of them to die of starvation. It is our goal to:

  • Encourage them to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ

  • Provide a safe and encouraging environment for growth in the communities where they live and attend school

  • Encourage them to have a healthy lifestyle and to practice sexual purity

  • Equip them with a biblical foundation and practical methods to overcome daily battles

  • Encourage them to set and achieve personal goals in academics

  • Prepare them for college, employment, and careers

  • Expose them to successful Christian men in social, corporate, political, academic, and religious fields

  • Provide them with positive male mentors



Personal Responsibility In Delivering Excellence 

Camp P.R.I.D.E is a camp designed to encourage young people of Montgomery and surrounding areas to take a personal assessment of their lives and to allow them the opportunity to understand how important character and physical health are to their success. Camp P.R.I.D.E plant seeds of hope and equip the participants with the tools that are essential in striving for excellence by offering teamwork, goal setting, and various relay competitions. The camp allows the participants the opportunity to spend time with local mentors, college athletes, high school coaches, college coaches, and professional athletes while offering a memorable learning experience.



Open to ages 10 - 25yrs

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