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The Henry Tellis Foundation was founded in October 2012. The founder, also the namesake of the organization, had long envisioned his role being used to inspire change in the lives of young people through community activism.


"It is our goal to provide mentoring, community outreach, education, health and wellness, parental development, and other community-related and charitable programs."




Henry Tellis is a visionary, servant, and friend. He is a man that cannot be missed easily in the community, not only due to his size and presence but also because of his active involvement and advocacy. Throughout his college football career and the subsequent time spent with the NFL, Henry was aware that his purpose extended far beyond yard lines and first downs. His heart never left Montgomery, Alabama as he constantly sought ways to inspire young people to dream and believe. Today, he allows his life to be a story that testifies to the ability of anyone being able to overcome despite their situation.


Thank you for coming to learn more about the vision and heart of Henry Tellis Foundation. We exist to provide mentoring, outreach, education, health and wellness, parental development, and other community related and charitable services. It is our heart and passion to see lives changed and a better Montgomery for the children and communities that we serve.


Please take the opportunity to become more aware of the programs that we support. It is our desire to serve you while empowering you with the opportunity to serve others. Whether you are here to benefit from our services or looking for an opportunity to volunteer or contribute, you will be able to find the information you need within a few clicks.

Once again, thank you for visiting us today.


Henry D. Tellis
Visionary, Servant, and Friend


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